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A selector can be:

  • "Selector" music scheduling software for radio stations created by Radio Computing Services
  • Selector (disc jockey), a Reggae DJ (who selects music to play)
  • A DNA probe used in the selector-technique (used in molecular diagnostics)
  • A special kind of switch used in computers to connect multiple lines (I/O) to a single line. A related component is the multiplexer. Both components are used in the execution of conditional logic such as memory addressing and device selection and signaling
  • A person who made a selection of crown land in Australia under 19th century land legislation
  • Selector (sport), a member of a panel that chooses players for a sports team
  • A person who chooses which performances will enter professional theater festivals.
  • The Selecter, a UK ska band
  • A device found on selective fire firearms
  • A CSS selector, which determines how style rules are applied to a document.
  • Selector, a song from the Babylon (2002) album by Skindred.
  • A string identifying a method name in the Objective-C programming language