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Selects (Solo Tabla)
Studio album by Zakir Hussain
Released 2002
Genre World
Label Moment Records
Producer Zakir Hussain & Antonia Minnecola

Selects (Solo Tabla) is an album by Indian tabla musician Zakir Hussain. It was released on the Moment Records label in 2002.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Pune, January, 1997"    
2. "Ahmedabad, January, 1999"    
3. "Pune, January, 1997"    
4. "Mumbai, January 2000 & San Francisco, October, 1994"    
5. "Ahmedabad, January 1999"    
6. "Mumbai, January 2000"    
Produced by Zakir Hussain and Antonia Minnecola