Selenite Range

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Selenite Range
Selenite Range is located in Nevada
Selenite Range
location of Selenite Range in Nevada [1]
Highest point
Peak Kumiva Peak
Elevation 2,511 m (8,238 ft)
Coordinates 40°24.37′N 119°15.79′W / 40.40617°N 119.26317°W / 40.40617; -119.26317
Country United States
State Nevada
Region Black Rock Desert
District Pershing County
Range coordinates 40°32′03″N 119°15′44″W / 40.5342°N 119.2622°W / 40.5342; -119.2622Coordinates: 40°32′03″N 119°15′44″W / 40.5342°N 119.2622°W / 40.5342; -119.2622
Topo map USGS Empire

The Selenite Range is a mountain range in western Pershing County, Nevada.[1] The range is a north–south trending feature approximately 27 miles (43 km) long and 4 miles (6.4 km) wide.

The Fox Range lies to the west across the San Emidio Desert valley and the south end of the Black Rock Desert playa. Gerlach and Empire are two communities on the foothills and just to the northwest of the range. These communities supported the gypsum mines in the range during their active period. The large Empire gypsum quarry lies just west of Luxor Peak at 40° 30' N; 119° 18' W just 1.2 mi (1.9 km) northwest of Kumiva Peak.[2][3]

Named Peaks in the range from north to south include: Selenite Peak, 7,115 ft (2,169 m); Luxor Peak, 7,420 ft (2,260 m); Kumiva Peak, 8,820 ft (2,690 m); Purgatory Peak, 7,417 ft (2,261 m); and Mt. Limbo, 7,312 ft (2,229 m).[2][3][4]


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