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Temporal range: Ordovician
Trilobites - Solenopeltis buchi buchi.JPG
Solenopeltis buchi buchi from Czech Republic at the National Museum (Prague)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Trilobita
Order: Lichida
Superfamily: Odontopleurida
Family: Odontopleuridae
Genus: Selenopeltis
Hawle and Corda 1847

Selenopeltis is an extinct genus of trilobite in the order Lichida, family Odontopleuridae.

Species in the genus Selenopeltis can reach a length of 115–160 millimetres (4.5–6.3 in) and a width of 115–130 millimetres (4.5–5.1 in). These trilobites show long pleural spines and were a low-level epifauna, fast-moving and detritivore. They lived in the Ordovician period, from the Lower Arenig stage age until the Ashgillian age (478.6-443.7 million years ago).


Silurian of the Czech Republic; Ordovician of the Czech Republic, France, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom; Arenig of France, the United Kingdom.



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