Self-arising Primordial Awareness

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'Self-arising Primordial Awareness' (Tibetan: རིག་པ་རང་ཤར་Wylie: rig pa rang shar) is one of the Seventeen tantras of Dzogchen Upadesha.[1]

English discourse[edit]

In the Lungi Terdzö (Wylie: lung gi gter mdzod) the prose autocommentary by Longchenpa (1308 – 1364 or possibly 1369) to his Chöying Dzö (Wylie: chos dbyings mdzod) -- which are numbered amongst the Seven Treasuries (Wylie: mdzod chen bdun) -- the following embedded quotation from this Tantra has been rendered into English by Barron, et al. (2001: p.9) and the Wylie has been secured from Wikisource and interspersed and embedded in the English gloss for probity:

Within the essence of ultimate truth, [yang dag don gyi ngo bo la]
there is no buddha or ordinary being. [sangs rgyas dang ni sems can med]
Since awareness cannot be reified, it is empty. [rig pa 'dzin pa med pas stong]
Given that it does not dwell in emptiness, [stong pa nyid la me gnas na]
it abides in its own state of supreme bliss. [rang gi bde chen sa la gnas]
The majestic ruler of all buddhas [sangs rgyas kun gyi rje btsan pa]
is understood to be one's own awareness. [rang gi rig pa shes par bya]
This monarch, naturally manifest awareness, [rang snang rig pa'i rgyal po nyid]

is present in everyone, but no one realizes it. [kun la yod de kun gyis rtog pa med][2][3]

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