Semporna peninsula

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4°32′21.32″N 118°00′53.88″E / 4.5392556°N 118.0149667°E / 4.5392556; 118.0149667

The Semporna peninsula is a peninsula located on the southwest of Darvel Bay and to the northeast of Sebatik Island. The volcano Bukit Tawau Utara, active as recently as the Holocene. is located on the peninsula at 4°23′08.32″N 117°52′49.64″E / 4.3856444°N 117.8804556°E / 4.3856444; 117.8804556. During the last ice age, the peninsula was connected by an isthmus to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. The former isthmus included what is now the active volcanic island Jolo, located at 6°00′39.09″N 121°01′55.45″E / 6.0108583°N 121.0320694°E / 6.0108583; 121.0320694.