Semtex Girls

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Semtex Girls
Type Limited company
Industry Entertainment
Founded 2006 (2006)
Founder(s) Madonna
Headquarters London, UK
Area served Worldwide
Products Motion pictures
Television programs
Divisions Semtex TV Productions
Semtex Motion Picture Group
Semtex Films

Semtex Girls is an English production company founded by Madonna in 2006. It is involved in the production of motion pictures and television programs relating to Madonna under its divisions: Semtex TV Productions (established in 2006) and Semtex Motion Picture Group LLC and Semtex Films LLC which were created in 2008.


Semtex Girls, a limited company, was established in the UK in 2006 by Madonna. Initially she refused to mention what the company would be used for. The singer uses the name to describe her three assistants. She explained, "The Semtex Girl is a girl who is dynamic, a girl who explodes, who doesn't know the meaning of nine to five, a girl who is unstoppable and who doesn't take no for an answer. And has excellent taste." "Guys can be Semtex Girls too." [1]

The company has evolved into a television and film production company, originally as Semtex TV Productions. Its first production was the concert television special Madonna: The Confessions Tour - Live from London in 2006, which was aired on NBC in the United States and Channel 4 in the UK. In 2008, the company established two new divisions; Semtex Motion Picture Group, LLC and Semtex Films, LLC. The company is used mainly for the production of Madonna-related material and has produced two films directed by Madonna, Filth and Wisdom (2008) and W.E. (2011). It has also produced a documentary, I Am Because We Are (2008), narrated and produced by Madonna about the orphans of Malawi.

Name controversy[edit]

Explosia, which owns the rights to the trademark Semtex for its brand of plastic explosive, launched legal action on 27 February 2006, to prevent Madonna from misusing its most valued and internationally known asset. Ladislav Lehky, director of the Research Centre for Industrial Chemistry, which owns the state-owned Explosia said, "She never asked our permission to use the name Semtex." [2] The firm cancelled plans to sue her for copyright infringement as they claimed to own the international rights to the name but axed plans for a costly court case. Lehky said, "Madonna uses the name for pure promotional purposes. We can't really prove that we suffer a loss from that." [3]


Motion pictures[edit]

  • Filth and Wisdom (2008): directorial debut and co-written by Madonna.[4] Produced in association with IFC Films and HSI London.
  • I Am Because We Are (2008): documentary about the orphans of Malawi, written, narrated and produced by Madonna. Directed by Nathan Rissman.
  • W.E. (2012): co-written, produced and directed by Madonna. The first release to include the Semtex Girls logo.[5]

Television specials[edit]

Other production companies[edit]

In addition to Semtex Films, Madonna is involved with the following production and publishing companies who produce other Madonna-related materials:[6] [7]

Current companies
  • Boy Toy, Inc.: production company specializing in Madonna music videos, films, merchandise and home video releases, including Truth or Dare (In Bed with Madonna) (1991), Ciao Italia: Live from Italy (1988) and Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour (1985). It later became the copyright holder for Madonna's new album MDNA in 2012.[8]
  • Bhakti Touring, Inc.: The company was established in 2001 and has been involved in all of Madonna's concert tours since then.[9]
  • Webo Girl Publishing, Inc.: music publishing company which publishes all her compositions.[7]
Status unknown
  • Maverick: established in 1991 as a joint entertainment company venture with Time Warner including divisions, Maverick Records and Maverick Films. The record label was Madonna's primary label from 1992–2004. Her shares were purchased by Warner Music Group in 2004 after a lawsuit, she no longer has any interest in the company.[10][11]
  • The Duke and Duchess, LLC.: company involved in the motion picture W.E., it was established in 2008.[7]
  • Lucky Lou Productions: established in 1996, it was involved in the production and was copyright holder to I'm Going to Tell You a Secret (2005).[7]
  • Illusion, LLC: purpose of this company is unknown, established in 2003.[7]
  • Debutante, Inc.: purpose of this company is unknown, established in 2003.[7]
  • Tadpole Films, Inc.: production company involved in the production of Drowned World Tour 2001 (2001).[7]
  • Music Tours, Inc.: production company established in 1987 involved Madonna's concert tours from 1987, 1990 and 1993. It was copyright holder for Madonna Live Down Under: The Girlie Show, 1993 television special on HBO and its commercial release in 1994.[7]
  • Slutco, Inc.: video production company, mentioned in the 1990 BBC Omnibus TV special Madonna: Behind the American Dream.[12]
  • Siren Films, Inc.: film production company, no known productions, established in 1986.[12]
  • Scudder Films, Inc.: purpose of this company is unknown, established in 1985.[7]


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