Senado Square

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The square at night
The square during the day

The Senado Square, or Senate Square (Portuguese: Largo do Senado; Chinese: 議事亭前地), is a paved area in the centre of the former Portuguese colony of Macau, enclosed by the buildings of the Leal Senado, the General Post Office, and St. Dominic’s Church. The square is paved in the traditional Portuguese pavement. The main road of Macau's historic centre, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro passes through the square. The square is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Historic Centre of Macau".

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Coordinates: 22°11′36.9″N 113°32′22.8″E / 22.193583°N 113.539667°E / 22.193583; 113.539667