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The Senate (Maltese: Senat) was the upper house of Parliament of Malta between 1921 and 1933.[1]


The Amery-Milner constitution was promulgated in 1921 and provided for a bicameral Parliament with a 32-seat Legislative Assembly and a 17-seat Senate. The Assembly would be elected every three years and the Senate every six years.[1]

The Senate consisted of seven elected members and ten appointed members. The elected members were elected in two districts using a two-round system.[2] The appointed members represented five groups; the clergy, the nobility, graduates, commerce and the Trade Union Council, with each group having two members each.[1] During its existence, elections for the Senate took place in 1921, 1927 and 1932.[1]

The constitution was suspended in 1933,[1] with subsequent constitutions creating unicameral legislatures.


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