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Senebi was an Ancient Egyptian treasurer under the 13th Dynasty kings Neferhotep I and Sobekhotep IV (around 1750 BC). Senebi belongs to the best attested officials of the 13th Dynasty. The treasurer was one of the most powerful officials at the royal court and therefore was Senebi next to the vizier the most powerful official under these kings.

The father of Senebi was the soldier of the town regiment Nebpu. Senebi started his career as king's acquaintance, perhaps under Neferhotep I or slightly earlier. Under Neferhotep I he was appointed treasurer. Senebi is known from several stelae and scarab seals, where he also bears the important ranking titles royal sealer and sole friend. He also appears in a rock inscription on the island of Sehel, south of Aswan. In this inscription he is mentioned next to the family of king Neferhotep I. The time of his death and his burial place are unknown.


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