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Fake gravestone as a senior prank at a school in Aachen, Germany; translation: ...because they knew too much.

A senior prank is a type of organized prank pulled by the senior class of a school, college, or university to cause chaos throughout the institution. The pranks are usually carried out at the end of the senior school year as a going away mark on the school, and in some cases have become something of a tradition. This is known in Australia and some other countries as Muck-up day.

The pranks are often planned out very well before they are actually done in order to work out details such as not being caught or blamed for the disruption they cause. Often these are harmless and more often hilarious pranks, but sometimes the pranks can be taken too far, causing serious problems such as damage to school property and resulting in arrests and large fines.[1]

Examples of pranks are putting small polystyrene balls in the air conditioning, thus making it 'snow' in the building, prank public announcements, chalk graffiti, filling elevators with hay or spreading bird seed in the staff parking lot to attract birds that then deconstruct the cars.[2]

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