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Senjan Jansen is a Belgian composer and sound designer for film, theater and fashion. Jansen is active in theater. He has worked with film directors such as Fien Troch, Felix Van Groeningen, Pieter Van Hees, Nicolas Provost, Hans Herbots and Nico Leunen. The fashion industry makes regular appeals to Senjan Jansen so he created the soundtrack for fashion shows at Bruno Pieters, Haider Ackermann, Dries Van Noten and Hugo Boss.

Personal life and career[edit]

Jansen is currently living in Antwerp, where his job site is located. His work alternates between sound design and film scoring, DJ performances, theater and fashion runway shows.

As a sound designer, Jansen has been providing the sound design for movies such as Anyway the wind blows (2003), Someone else's happiness (2005), With friends like these (2007), Left Bank (2008), Unspoken (2008), Dirty Mind (2009), Invader (2012) and "KID" (2012) among others.

In 2003, when Jansen started composing for theater. Maison Fragile, a collaboration with Toneelhuis directors Abke Haring and Bart Meuleman,[1] was to be the first of a series of collaborations with renowned directors such as Peter Missotten (De Filmfabriek) and Jan Lauwers (Needcompany).

Together with Joris Vermeiren Jansen forms Discodesafinado; under their label they produce minimal techno that symbiotically touches experimental electronics. Under the same name they also organized a series of concerts with line-ups containing Thomas Brinkmann, Pan Sonic, Pole, Vladislav Delay, Dettinger…

In 2008, his work as a composer for Fashion shows, such as Bruno Pieters, Haider Ackermann, Christian Wijnants, Dries van Noten and Hugo Boss also led to a cooperation with Flanders Fashion Institute on the annual fashion event “Vitrine.” He was appointed as curator of the 2008 edition “Vitrine: Music/Sound,” which focussed on installations of several designers such as A.F. Vandevorst, Alex Salinas, Hannelore Knuts, Nicolas Provost, Walter Verdin…


At the Film festival Ghent 2011 he was awarded the Georges Delerue award for best music/sound design for his contribution to Nicolas Provost's "The Invader."[2]

At the film festival Aubagne France 2013 He won the GRAND PRIX DE LA MEILLEURE MUSIQUE ORIGINALE for KID from Fien Troch. [3]


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