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Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 圣诺哥
 • Pinyin Shèngnuògē
 • Malay Senoko
Country Singapore

Senoko is located in Sembawang, in the northern part of Singapore. It is most known for Senoko Power Station, which generates and supplies electricity, and the Senoko Fishing Port.


In Franklin and Jackson's Plan of Singapore (1830), the place name Senoko was found and referred to the "River Simko" or Sungei Senoko in Malay. The river is now merged into Sungei Sembawang, which currently has the mouth of the former Sungei Senoko.

Bus routes[edit]

Service Destination Notes
SMRT Buses Trunk Services
981 Sembawang Bus Interchange Senoko Industrial Estate Operates from Sembawang to Senoko during morning peak
Operates from Senoko to Sembawang during evening peak


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