Sentosa Development Corporation

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To be distinguished from Sentosa.
Sentosa Development Corporation
Sentosa development corp logo.png
Logo of the SDC
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Singapore
Headquarters 33 Allanbrooke Road, Sentosa, Singapore 099981
Agency executives Dr Loo Choon Yoong, Executive Chairman
Mike Barclay, Chief Executive Officer
Parent agency Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore)

Sentosa Development Corporation (Abbreviation: SDC; Chinese: 圣淘沙发展局; Malay: Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Sentosa) is a statutory board in Singapore, under the purview of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.



The Sentosa Development Corporation was formed on 1 September 1972. Its main task is to oversee the development, management and promotion of the island resort, Sentosa Island.

The 'Sentosa Development Corporation' also oversees the maintenance of nine other offshore islands south of Singapore. All ten include:

  1. Sentosa Island
  2. Saint John's Island,
  3. Sisters' Islands,
  4. Pulau Hantu,
  5. Pulau Biola,
  6. Pulau Jong,
  7. Lazarus Island,
  8. Kusu Island,
  9. Pulau Seringat,
  10. Pulau Tekukor.
The Sentosa Development Corporation main office — on Sentosa Island (at Allanbrooke Road).


SDC owns several subsidiaries. The Sentosa Leisure Management oversees the operations of Sentosa, while the Sentosa Cove oversees the development and management of Sentosa Cove, a marina resort and residential project.


SDC operates the Sentosa Express — the new monorail system opened in 2007.

The office was once served by SDC Office Monorail Station of the now disfunct Sentosa Monorail, but it no longer does after the station closed in 2005 and was rebuilt and converted into a bar.

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