Seodaejeon Station

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Seodaejeon Station
Seodaejeon Station.jpg
Korean name
Hangul 대전
Hanja 西大田
Revised Romanization Seodaejeonnyeok
McCune–Reischauer Sŏdaejŏnnyŏk
General information
Location 74 Oryu-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon
South Korea
Coordinates 36°19′20.91″N 127°24′11.86″E / 36.3224750°N 127.4032944°E / 36.3224750; 127.4032944Coordinates: 36°19′20.91″N 127°24′11.86″E / 36.3224750°N 127.4032944°E / 36.3224750; 127.4032944
Operated by Korail
Line(s) Honam Line, Honam Line (KTX)
Platforms 2
Tracks 6
Structure type Aboveground/Straight
Opened November 1, 1936

Seodaejeon Station, meaning "West Daejeon Station", is on South Korea's high-speed KTX railway network, 161 km south of Yongsan Station.


The station opened on November 1, 1936[1] and KTX trains on the Honam Line began services on April 1, 2004.


Seodaejeon Station serves all KTX trains on the Honam Line. It also has express services and local services on the normal speed Honam Line.


The station is accessible by bus, or by walking from Metro line 1 station Oryong (approx. 12 min walk) or the slightly farther station Seodaejeon Negeori (approx. 15 min walk).

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