Seomyeon Station

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Seomyeon Station
Busan metro station.jpg
Seomyeon Station
Korean name
Hanja 西
Revised Romanization Seomyeonnyeok
McCune–Reischauer Sŏmyŏnnyŏk
Station statistics
Address Bujeon-dong, Busanjin District, Busan
South Korea
Coordinates 35°09′28″N 129°03′33″E / 35.15778°N 129.05917°E / 35.15778; 129.05917Coordinates: 35°09′28″N 129°03′33″E / 35.15778°N 129.05917°E / 35.15778; 129.05917
Line(s) Line 1 and Line 2
Structure type Underground
Platforms Line 1: 2
Line 2: 1
Tracks Line 1: 2
Line 2: 2
Other information
Opened Line 1: July 19, 1985
Line 2: June 30, 1999
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Station code Line 1: 119
Line 2: 219
Operator Busan Transportation Corporation
Preceding station   Busan Metro   Following station
toward Sinpyeong
  Line 1   Bujeon
toward Nopo
toward Jangsan or Jeonpo
Line 2
toward Yangsan or Hopo

Seomyeon Station is a station of the Busan Metro Line 1 and Line 2 located in Bujeon-dong, Busanjin District, Busan. Seomyeon Station is an underground station which is connected to the Lotte World Underground Shopping Center of Busan main branch of Lotte Department Store since December 1995,[1][2] Judith Teahwa, also known as the present name of Teahwa Department Store on Daehyun Primall, an underground complex[3] and Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center since August 1985.[4]

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