Seoul City Hall

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Seoul City Hall
Seoul City Hall A01.JPG
The Seoul City Hall in July 2013
Korean name
Hanja 서울
Revised Romanization Seoul teukbyeolsi cheongsa
McCune–Reischauer Sŏul Tukbyŏlsi ch'ŏngsa

Coordinates: 37°33′59.06″N 126°58′40.16″E / 37.5664056°N 126.9778222°E / 37.5664056; 126.9778222 Seoul City Hall is a governmental building for the Seoul Metropolitan Government in South Korea, in charge of the administrative affairs of Seoul. It is located in Taepyeongno, Jung-gu, the heart of Seoul. It's located next to City Hall Station (Seoul) on Seoul Subway Line 1. In front of the city hall is old city hall building, now Seoul Metropolitan Library, and Seoul Plaza (Korean: 서울광장).


Former city hall was located in current Seoul Metropolitan Library, in front of Seoul City Hall. That building served as city hall since liberation in 1945 up to the 2008. Following the competition for a new city hall, the jury awarded the prize to Yoo Kerl of iArc on February 18, 2008. Yoo said, "Major keywords for designing the new building are traditions, citizens, future. I analysed low-rise horizontal elements, curvaceousness and shades of leaves in our traditional architectural characteristics, and I applied these to the design so I can recall comfortable feelings of old things."[1]

In 2012, the new City Hall was opened to the public on 27 August and the city government moved in on 1 September. The project which took four years and five months of construction, also includes multipurpose halls and cultural facilities for citizens. The old building, registered as a cultural asset, has been converted into a library with a collection of more than 200,000 books.[2][3]

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