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For the subway system, see Seoul Metropolitan Subway.
Seoul Metro
Government-owned corporation
Industry Rapid transit
Founded June 9, 1970 (reestablished September 1, 1981)
Headquarters Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Kim Sang Don (President)
Products Subway
6,593,770,000,000 (KRWON)(2005)
-81,718,477,562 (KRWON) (2005)
Number of employees
Seoul Metro
Hanja 서울 메트로
Revised Romanization Seoul Meteuro
McCune–Reischauer Sŏul Met‘ŭro
Old logo (1970-2006)

Seoul Metro is a public corporation which runs the Seoul Subway Lines 1 to 9. From 1970 to 2015, it was called Seoul Metropolitan Subway Corporation.


Line Name
Line Name
Starting Station(s)
Ending Station(s)
Total Length
in km
Line 1
1호선 Seoul Station Cheongnyangni 7.8 km
Line 2
2호선 Circular line through City Hall with 2 extensions 60.2 km
Line 3
3호선 Jichuk Ogeum 38.2 km
Line 4
4호선 Dangogae Namtaeryeong 31.1 km
Line 9
9호선 Sinnonhyeon Sports Complex 4.5 km

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