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Sepideh (Persian: سپیدهAbout this sound [sɛpiːdɛ] ) is a common female Iranian name that means "Dawn" or "The sunlights in the sky before sunrise". The word Sepideh symbolizes beauty and coming of a better time after a long hard situation in Persian literature as Sepideh eliminates darkness of night and indicates start of a new bright day. The word "Sepid" also means "white" and is a type of Persian Poetry.

Abbreviations and Various Forms of Spelling[edit]

  • Sep
  • Sepi
  • Sepee
  • Sepid
  • Sepeed
  • Sepide
  • Sepeede
  • Sepeedeh
  • Ssepiedeh
  • Seppy


References to the Name[edit]

Notable Persons by the Name[edit]

  • Sepideh (singer), Iranian musician and pop singer [1]
  • Sepideh Tayyeri, Iranian Sociologist
  • Sepideh Raissadat, Iranian classical singer (born in Tehran, 1980 [2])
  • Sepideh Asefnia, Engineer and Entrepreneur
  • Sepideh Danosian, Writer and Editor
  • Sepideh Fallah, Actress
  • Sepideh Farsi, Director
  • Sepideh Gazeri, Business Consultant
  • Sepideh Haftgoli, Actress, Model, Producer, and Entrepreneur
  • Sepideh Hanjani, Neurosurgeon
  • Sepideh Kalantarian, Human Right Activist
  • Sepideh Khorasanizadeh, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • Sepideh Rousta, Professor of Pediatric Ophthalmology
  • Sepideh Saremi, Writer and Editor
  • Sepideh Shamlou, Writer
  • Sepideh Vahidi, Persian Musician, Classical Persian Music
  • Sepideh Zareparsi, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology
  • Sepideh Farzam, Painter and Artist
  • Sepideh ShaghiAzar , Sales & Export manager , master of international commercial manager

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