September 2012 Aleppo bombing

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September 2012 Aleppo bombings
Part of Syrian civil war
Location Aleppo, Syria
Date 9 September 2012
20:00 (UTC+3)
Target Al-Hayat hospital
near the 7 April Stadium
Attack type
suicide car bomb
Deaths 32
(2 security personnel, 30 civilian)
Non-fatal injuries
Assailants Free Syrian Army

On 9 September 2012, car bomb exploded at the Saad al-Ansari district of the Syrian city of Aleppo, targeting al-Hayat hospital near the 7 April Stadium. 30 civilians and 2 members of the security forces were killed and at least 64 people were injured as a result of the car bomb blast.[1][2] The so-called Noble Aleppo brigade of the Free Syrian Army claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was targeting government troops.[3] However, this attack came after a Jordanian militant leader known as Mohammad al-Shalabi "Abu Sayyaf", linked to Al-Qaida, warned that his extremist group will launch "deadly attacks" in neighbouring Syria. The main target of the attack; al-Hayat hospital, was entirely destroyed, while a nearby nursery school known as the "Syrian Eagle" received major damages along with many other residential buildings.

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Coordinates: 36°11′58″N 37°08′05″E / 36.19944°N 37.13472°E / 36.19944; 37.13472