Supermajor sixth

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supermajor sixth
Inverse subminor third
Abbreviation M6
Semitones 9
Interval class 3
Just interval 12:7
Equal temperament 900
Just intonation 933
Supermajor sixth on B7. About this sound Play 
Origin of large and small seconds and thirds (including 7:6) in harmonic series.[1]

In music and tuning, a supermajor sixth is a supermajor interval that is noticeably wider than a major sixth but noticeably narrower than an augmented sixth, and may be a just interval of 12:7.[2][3][4]

The septimal major sixth is an interval of 12:7 ratio,[5][6] or about 933 cents. It is the inversion of the 7:6 subminor third .


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