Septimer Pass

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Septimer Pass
Septimer pass 1.jpg
Septimer Pass
Elevation 2,310 m (7,579 ft)
Traversed by Trail
Location Switzerland
Range Alps
Coordinates 46°25.2′N 09°38.28′E / 46.4200°N 9.63800°E / 46.4200; 9.63800Coordinates: 46°25.2′N 09°38.28′E / 46.4200°N 9.63800°E / 46.4200; 9.63800
Septimer Pass is located in Alps
Septimer Pass
Septimer Pass
Location of Septimer Pass

Septimer Pass (German: Septimerpass, Italian: Passo del Settimo, Romansh: Pass da Sett) (el. 2310 m.) is a high mountain pass in the canton of Graubünden in the Swiss Alps between the valleys of Bregaglia (Bergell) and Oberhalbstein (Surses).

Already in use by the Romans, during the Middle Ages the Septimer Pass was crucial to the temporal power of the Bishopric of Chur whose extensive territories until the fourteenth century included Chiavenna. However it lost its importance after the construction of roads over Julier and Maloja passes.

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