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Developer(s) NoeGen Inc.
Stable release 2.01 / 2009
Operating system Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris
Type Bioinformatics
License Commercial

SeqCorator is a bioinformatics software which can run in multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Unix/Linux) with the same interface.


SeqCorator brings advanced graphics to the world of sequence analysis and illustration, creating an environment akin to a combination of Word and PowerPoint that understands sequence data. The integration of graphic drawing and styled text editing enables ways for designing experiments, annotating sequences and features, and creating presentations.

  • Graphic sequence editing and decoration
  • Graphical features display and it also can record in the feature list
  • Enzyme site analysis
  • Find ORF
  • Translation and find motif
  • Allow setup mismatch parameter to search or match sub-sequence

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