Strength of Serbia Movement

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Strength of Serbia Movement
Покрет снага Србије
Pokret snaga Srbije
Leader Bogoljub Karić
Founded 20 May 2004 (20 May 2004)
Headquarters Тerazije 28/III, Belgrade
Ideology Liberal conservatism
Social liberalism
Political position Centre-right
National Assembly
2 / 250
Politics of Serbia
Political parties

The Strength of Serbia Movement (Serbian: Покрет Снага Србије, ПСС / Pokret Snaga Srbije, PSS) is a political party in Serbia, founded and led by Serbian businessman Bogoljub Karić. Karić finished third in the 2004 presidential elections.

The party also took part in the 2007 parliamentary elections but failed to win any seats.

Party participated on the coalition list Let's Get Serbia Moving - Tomislav Nikolić in the 2012 parliamentary elections and received two seats in the National Assembly, the first time in its history.

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