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Serblish or Anglo-Serbian, a portmanteau of the words Serbian and English, is the arbitrary usage of Serbian and English, combining both, in one sentence. This is more commonly seen in the Serbian diaspora, but can also be noticed in Serbian-speaking countries. Many speakers do not realize that they are incorporating English words into Serbian sentences or Serbian words into English sentences.

In Australia, Serblish is widely used by Serbian diaspora. An example of words from English used in Serblish are:

  • Holidej (Holiday),
  • juzati (to use),
  • bjutiful (beautiful),
  • spikerz (speakers),
  • apl-dјus (Apple Juice),
  • barbikju (barbieque),
  • kompjuter (computer),
  • peјntati (to paint),
  • endžojati (to enjoy),
  • čiketina (mix of piletina and chicken) etc.


Unofficial Serblish Dictionary at