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Serbs in Germany
Serben in Deutschland
Срби у Немачкој
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Total population

241,374 citizens of Serbia (2013)[1]

700,000 ethnic Serbs (estimate) [2][3]
German and Serbian
Serbian Orthodox Church
Related ethnic groups

Serbs (Serbs in Germany, Srbi u Nemačkoj) are the seventh largest group of foreigners in Germany.[4] Most Serbs living in Germany, moved during the 1960s and 1970s as Gastarbeiter or "Guest workers" when Serbia was part of Yugoslavia. A small percentage of Serbs migrated to Germany as refugees during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.


The majority (64%) of the Serbian population is concentrated in three federal states: North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Within the three states the Serbs are numerous in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich.[5] In 2010, the Federal Statistical Office, the number of Serb nationals in Germany stood at 179,048. Another 93,013 people living in Germany with the citizenship of the former Serbia and Montenegro have not yet decided on one of the possible new citizenships.[4][4]

Official data:

  • 1925: 14,067 (Yugoslav nationality)[6]
  • 1935: 17,258 (Yugoslav nationality)[6]
  • 1939: 58,240 (Yugoslav nationality)[6]
  • 1968: 99,000 (workers)[5]
  • 1971: 469,000 (workers)[5]
  • 1973: 471,000 (workers)[5]
  • 1988: 295,000 (workers)[5]
  • 1989: 300,000 (workers)[5]
  • 1990: 652,500 (Yugoslav nationality)[6]
  • 1994: 420,000 (Serbia and Montenegro)[5]
  • 1995: 418,000 (Serbia and Montenegro)[5]
  • 2001: 304,000 (Serbia and Montenegro)[5]
  • 2003: 568,240 (Serbia and Montenegro); 112,507 Germany-born Serbian nationals[5]
  • 2011: 197,984 (Serbian nationals)
  • 2013: 241,374 (Serbian nationals)

It is estimated that the total number of ethnic Serbs (including by ancestry) is closer to 700,000.[7][8] Another number is 800,000.[9]

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