Serbs of Slovakia

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Serbs of Slovakia
Коморанске шајке 1597.jpg
Serbs in Komarno (1597)
Total population
5,000 (estimate) [1]
Regions with significant populations
Coat of arms of Komárno.png Komárno
Coat of Arms of Bratislava.svg Bratislava
Serbian Orthodox
Related ethnic groups
other South Slavic people

There is a small number of Serbs in Slovakia, mostly located in the southern town of Komárno, where they have been living since the 17th century.[2] There has also been a historic minority in Bratislava (Požun), where many Habsburg Serbs have studied in a university. Their number today is hard to determine but nevertheless they are recognized as an official minority in this country.[3]

One notable Slovak of Serb origin is ice hockey player Branko Radivojevič.


The Šajkaši were the oldest Serb community in Slovakia, who in the Middle Ages century settled Gornja Zemlja.

István I ennobled the Šajkaši in southern regions of the Kingdom of Hungary, and Béla IV further gave the Serbs of Komárno vassalage.