Sergei Beloglazov

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Olympic medal record
Competitor for  Soviet Union
Men's freestyle wrestling
Gold 1980 Moscow Bantamweight
Gold 1988 Seoul Bantamweight
World Championships
Silver 1979 San Diego 57 kg
Gold 1981 Skopje 57 kg
Gold 1982 Edmonton 62 kg
Gold 1983 Kiev 57 kg
Gold 1985 Budapest 57 kg
Gold 1986 Budapest 57 kg
Gold 1987 Clermont-Ferrand 57 kg

Sergei Alekseevich Beloglazov (Russian: Серге́й Алексеевич Белоглазов) (born September 16, 1956[1] in Kaliningrad) is a former Olympic wrestler and World Champion. He trained at the Armed Forces sports society in Kaliningrad in 1976-77 and at Dynamo in Kiev since 1979.[2] He was a two-time Olympic Champion in 1980 and 1988, a six-time World Champion and a World Silver medalist. He has a twin brother Anatoli Belaglazov, who was an Olympic Champion in 1980 and a three-time World Champion. He wrestled for coach Granit Taropin for the former Soviet Union.

Currently, Sergei is serving as the head coach for the Wrestling Federation of Singapore.

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Currently (as of April 2009) Sergei is the National Head Coach of the Wrestling Federation of Singapore.

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