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Sergey Rodionov (full name Sergey Vladimirovich Rodionov, Russian: Сергей Владимирович Родионов) (born 1952), is one of the most important electroacoustic music composers in Russia. He graduated Evgeny Golubev’s class of composition at Moscow Conservatory in 1975 and began specializing in electronic and computer music at the Academy of Music in Prague (1975-77), the Studio for Electronic Music in Bratislava (1976-78) and the IRCAM in Paris (1978-81). In 1991 the Don State Technical University awarded him a Ph.D. degree for his thesis “Personal Computers as a Means in Music Creation and Production” In 1994 he specialised at the IMEB International Electroacoustic Institute in Bourges (France). He founded and directed the first Studio for Electronic Music in the Southern Federal District of Russia at the Don State Technical University (1979). He is one of the leading figures in the field of electronic and computer music in Russia.

He taught at the Rostov State Conservatory “Sergei Rachmaninoff” (1977–88), the Don State Technical University (since 1983) where he currently is lecturer in Computer Systems and Technologies in Music, and also at the Modern University for the Humanities (since 1996) where he was promoted Associate Professor in 1999. Concurrently, he taught at the summer courses organised by the State Polytechnical University in Odessa (Ukraine) since 1997, at the summer courses of the Ural State Conservatory of Ekaterinburg (since 1998) and at the Ionian University of Corfu (Greece) (since 1998). He created his own school of Computer Composing. He was co-initiator of the Festival for Electroacoustic, Electronic and Computer Music (FEECM) in Rostov-on-Don (1991–1996) and of the multimedia forum Audiovisual Space (1993). Rodionov has an intense pedagogic practice in Russia and abroad.

From 1974 to 1998 he was laureate at several international competitions and exhibitions such as Bronze Medal at the Exhibition of National Achievements, Moscow (1983), 2nd Prize at the Radio-Electronic Exhibition, Moscow (1984), Grand Prix at the Computer Sound competition, Ekaterinburg (1993) and has received grants from IREX (International Research and Exchange Board, Moscow), Goethe Institut Rostov, the Government of the South District of Russia and the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences.

A characteristic feature of his creative research is the synthesis of arts. He composed over 250 works in a variety of genres and styles, mainly in the field of electronic and computer music, as well as scoring numerous movies in a close working relationship with directors Vladimir Naumov, Alexander Sokurov and others. He composed the music to 80 documentaries and video films, 40 TV shows and theatre performances. He published 8 LPs, 24 CDs and over 30 audiocassette albums. His works were presented at festivals and competitions in 20 countries throughout the former USSR, Europe and the USA. Since 1978 he gave over 1,500 interviews, concerts, synthetic, audiovisual, multimedia performances and mega-performances with electronic and computer music in Russia and abroad. Today, his main fields of work are teaching music and scoring for TV and movie productions.[1]


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