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Sergi Gvarjaladze (Georgian: სერგი გვარჯალაძე) (born November 13, 1967[1]) is a TV and radio presenter,[2] film director, producer and musician in Georgia. He has worked within the Georgian media for 20 years. He has been involved in the commercial production of a number of projects of a social nature. He is a citizen of Germany and has worked in the music industry in that country since 1994 while studying at the University of Munster. He lives in, and divides his time between, both Georgia and Germany.

Television and film[edit]

In Georgia, he has been involved with the following programs:

  • Extremely Popular (Channel 1, 1990–91)
  • A social documentary on Georgian Civil War (1991) with American cameraman Charly Steiner
  • Showbiz Digest (Channel 2, 1991 – 1993)
  • Komunikatori (Channel 1, 1999; TV Rustavi2, 2000);

His latest film Dancing with Georgia (Tańcząca z Gruzją) was broadcast on TVP2 (the second channel of Polish television).


He has been producing and presenting radio programs since 1994. His music projects include Georgian alternative rock and electronic bands Sakhli, Genetic Code, Georgian Dance Empire, and Bibi da Sergi. He currently works on two different music projects as Sir G (electronic music) and John Jolly (indie pop). He was commissioned to produce "Electronauts", a documentary on Georgian electronic music. From 2006 to 2007 he was the editor-in-chief of the first Georgian music monthly magazine O3 (Ozone).

Consulting work[edit]

In September 2005, Open Society–Georgia invited him to be a consultant to the Foundation’s project “Assistance to the Unemployed Citizens of Georgia”. Since January 2007, he has been consulting with the Georgian Department of Tourism and Resorts.

Social projects[edit]

He managed the project ‘Georgian Society for Performing and Reproduction Rights’ (1997) and was chairman of the Georgian Copyright Association (GECA). In 2002, he was one of the founders of “European House”, an independent NGO/think tank raising public awareness and working toward the goal of Georgia’s integration into the European Union.


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