Sergio Donati

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Sergio Donati
Born (1933-04-13) 13 April 1933 (age 82)
Rome, Italy
Occupation Screenwriter
Years active 1952-present

Sergio Donati (born 13 April 1933) is an Italian screenwriter. He has written for more than 70 films since 1952. He was born in Rome, Italy. He started as a writer and had some of his books optioned for film. He is well-known for his collaboration with Italian director Sergio Leone, who encouraged him to take up screenwriting as a full-time career and Italian producer Dino de Laurentis.[1]

What is film? In the first act, you hang a man up in a tree. In the second act, you throw stones at him. In the third act, he falls down. If he is alive, it is a comedy. If he is dead, it is a drama.

Serio DonatiFrom an interview[2]

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