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This article is about the Algerian community. For the Seriana valley in Italy, see Serio (river).
Dz - 05-05 Seriana - Wilaya de Batna map.svg
Country Algeria
Province Batna
Time zone West Africa Time (UTC+1)

Seriana (Arabic سريانة) is a town in Batna Province, Algeria, at 35°41′30″N 06°11′11″E / 35.69167°N 6.18639°E / 35.69167; 6.18639. In the colonial period, it was called Pasteur.

An arms factory, the Entreprise des Réalisations Industrielles de Seriana, is located there. Khaled Nezzar was born in the area.

The municipality has a population of 11,000 as of 2002 ([1]).