Serie A1 (women's basketball)

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Serie A1
Sport Basketball
Founded 1924
Inaugural season 1924
No. of teams 16
Country Italy Italy
Continent European Union FIBA Europe (Europe)
Level on pyramid 1

Serie A1 di pallacanestro femminile, or LegA Basket Femminile is the premier national league for women's basketball clubs in Italy, founded in 1930.[1] Pool Comense is the competition's most successful club with fifteen championships, followed by AS Vicenza with twelve and Geas Basket with seven, while PF Schio and Cras Taranto have been the leading teams in recent years.[2]

Currently both the champion and runner-up are granted spots in the Euroleague.[3] The Serie A champions were the major force in the 1980s, with Geas Basket, Fiat Torino, AS Vicenza, Libertas Trogylos, Polisportiva Ahena and Pool Comense winning eleven editions between 1978 and 1995.[4]


2011-12 teams[edit]

List of champions[edit]


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