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Serif (Europe) Ltd
Limited company
Industry Software
Founded 1987
Headquarters Nottingham, United Kingdom
Products See complete products listing
Owner Serif Senior Managment
Number of employees
Slogan Inspiring Creativity

Serif (Europe) Ltd is an independent developer and publisher of software and was founded with the aim to develop low-cost alternatives to high-end desktop publishing and graphic design packages for the PC.[1]

Established in 1987, Serif is a privately owned British company. It provides PC software and associated products direct to customers all over the world through its website and contact centre in the UK, and through selected retailers.

It has 190 employees at its head office in West Bridgford, Nottingham, United Kingdom.[1]

As well as the main website, Serif also run a question and answer support website called CommunityPlus.[2]


Serif was founded by a small team of software engineers who wanted to create a low-cost Desktop Publishing (DTP) package for everyday PC users[1] and in 1990 Serif released PagePlus 1.0. Today PagePlus is Serif’s flagship software suite and has won numerous awards over the years.

While most of their customers are regular PC users, their software is also used by businesses and schools.[3]

Serif offers free, feature-restricted versions of its latest titles (the Starter Edition range)[4] to allow users to use and try the program out. Different from trial versions, the Starter Edition products do not expire and can be used continuously. They do, however, have most of the features restricted, such as a maximum document size of five pages. Serif also offer a Trial version of PhotoPlus so that photographers and graphic designers can actually try the higher end features before they buy.

Serif also sells selected software items from other manufacturers via their website.

Despite developing exclusively for PC and Windows for over 25 years, Serif launched a Beta version of their first software product for Mac in June 2014. Affinity Designer, a vector art and design package, is the first of three products planned for the Mac [5] with a photo editing and desktop publishing package to follow.


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The following are all software packages, for the following applications:


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