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Serikin is located in Borneo Topography
Coordinates: 1°20′0″N 110°00′0″E / 1.33333°N 110.00000°E / 1.33333; 110.00000Coordinates: 1°20′0″N 110°00′0″E / 1.33333°N 110.00000°E / 1.33333; 110.00000
Country  Malaysia
State  Sarawak

Serikin is a small Dayak Bidayuh village in Kuching Division, Sarawak, Malaysia. The town is located about 15 km from Bau town and 80 km from Kuching city. Kampung Jagoi Serikin is famous for her week-end market to local tourists from Malaya and Sarawak. In the week-end market, you can find numerous items ranging from batik, handicrafts, fish, birds, turtle eggs, herbal products and jamu, electrical items, electronic items, male and female workers, jungle produce and exotic meat. You can enjoy services too, such as reflexology and traditional massage. For nature lovers, one can visit Ribuan Kangang (Kangang Waterfall), Ribuan Tuboh ( Tuboh Waterfall) and jungle trekking. For the lost or those who miss their buses and vans, taxi drivers and private cars normally meet at Serikin Malindo Cafe. From Serikin, one can peep into Indonesia by a bike-ride (called ojek) of 15 minutes via jalan gajah. People of Serikin, or BiRikin, originated from Kupuo' Jagoi Dorod.

Other offshoots of Kupuo Jagoi Dorod are Jagoi Take', Jagoi Sijaro, Jagoi Kindow, Jagoi Babang, Jagoi Serabak, Jagoi Pinomu, Jagoi Duyoh, Jagoi Bogag, Jagoi Sirieng, Jagoi Serasot, Jagoi Sibobog, Jagoi Bu'ow, Jagoi Sikibang, Jagoi Stass, Jagoi Rasau, Jagoi Tugag, Jagoi Stungkul, Jagoi Bokah and Jagoi Silapit. Descendents of Kupuo Jagoi Dorod now cyber-meet at BiJagoi Facebook Group daily, discussing cultural issues. Many members of BiJagoi Facebook Group not only learn to discover themselves by knowing their culture and roots, but some also managed to locate lost relatives. Kupuo' Jagoi Serabak was actually a bisoon for folks of Kupuo' Jagoi Dorod. Kogo' was the man who farmed the area which was the site of Kupuo Jagoib Serabak. He farmed the area for 5 years continuously, increasing the area every year.

Because they were villagers from Kupuo' Jagoi Dorod, they were under the leadership of Taget Pa' Minod or Kabah as his bijumuk, as Kabah was also the 'urang baas' of Kupuo Jagoi Dorod. When the population of Kupuo Jagoi Serabak grew, Tapier Pa' Saen or Kisuong as his bijumuk, took over as 'urang baas' of Kupuo' Jagoi Serabak. Kisuong was then living in Kupuo Jagoi Serabak. During that time, there was no such post as Ketua Kampung, but merely 'ulang baas'. Ulang baas were normally elderly persons who were normally bomoh, Pak Nyigar, Pa' Tuta' or amongst those who had a lot of paddy. Angaw Gadeng was the first person to move to Kupuo' Jagoi Serikin, the place was then called 'Bikalan Sirikin'. He built his house by the river bank of Aang Serikin (Serikin River). Meanwhile he also did some tradings with the simukel who would carry pepper to Pejiru. These simukel would stop at Angaw's small shop to rest, and bath at Aaang Serikin. That place was then called Bikalan Serikin.

Not long later, Jiheng Mideh followed Angaw. He built his house not far from Angaw's house. Soon Jiheng's parents brought the whole family to Serikin. Bikalan Serikin gradually grew as more folks from Kupuo' Jagoi Serabak followed. Being the pioneer, Angaw Gadeng was recognised as the 'ulang baas' of Kupuo' Jagoi Serikin. By this time the influence of the colonial's administration was felt by the people. Angaw was formally recognised as Ketua Kampung by District Officer Yusuf Arbi in 1963, when Sarawak, together with Sabah and Malaya , formed Malaysia.

In 1965, Angaw passed the leadership to No'ew anak Urai, as Angaw wanted to concentrate on his business. No'ew Pa' Ahong served for six months only and later passed the leadership to Mideh anak Guniew Pa' Jiheng. He preferred to concentrate in his business too, as there was no honorarium for Ketua Kampung. Mideh anak Guniew served from 1966 to 1991. Mideh anak Guniew made lots of sacrifices. He had to spend time with the visiting government servants and guests from across the border. He had to feed them and provide free lodging for travellers who were unable to make it to either side of the border.

In 1991 Mideh anak Guniew surrendered the post. During an election, Jiheng anak Mideh won over Nyohew anak Masol, and became the new Ketua Kampung. In 1992, due to numerous complaints, the District Officer relinquished Jiheng of the post. An election was held again. It was also a one to one contest, that was between Jiheng anak Mideh and Nyohew anak Masol. Jiheng won again. Jiheng is the Ketua Kampung till today. His term will expire in 2014, as now the term of Ketua Kaum ( as the post is now called) is for four years.

Jiheng anak Mideh died on 17 April 2012, on the very bed of Bau District Hospital, where his father, Mideh anak Guniew, died.

28 June 2012 marked another history for the villagers of Kampung Jagoi Serikin. It was the day a new Ketua Kaum was elected.

Mecky anak Mosed, won more votes to John Oyopice Nasei and Robert Ahon Noew, to become the new Ketua Kaum.

Kupuo' Jagoi Serikin was blessed in 2013. Giomarc Adlim Mideh scored 5A in his UPSR test while Irene Maderina Marcus scored 7A in her PMR test.