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Serkan Ozkaya
Born Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Education Bard College, Istanbul University
Known for Contemporary art, Conceptual art
Awards MacDowell Colony

Serkan Ozkaya (born 1973, Istanbul, Turkey) is a conceptual artist whose work deals with topics of appropriation and reproduction, and typically operates outside of traditional art spaces.[1] Ozkaya lives in New York City, USA. He holds an M.F.A. from Bard College, New York, and a Ph.D in German Language and Literature from Istanbul University, where he also earned his B.A. and M.A.

Ozkaya has been an artist-in-residence at the École Régionale des Beaux Arts de Nantes (2000–2001), Rooseum in Malmö with the IASPIS grant (2002), Platform Recent Art Center in Istanbul (2003–2004), and at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2006). He is also a fellow of the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire.

Recent Work[edit]

Ozkaya’s latest works include, Mirage, installed at the Postmasters Gallery in New York and consisted of a shadow of a passenger airplane that crossed the room for 45 seconds every four minutes; One and Three Pasta (with George L. Legendre), where the duo created 3D computer models for 92 types of pasta after Legendre’s mathematical equations; the creation of David (inspired by Michelangelo) at two-times the size of the original; a site-specific sculpture called "A Sudden Gust of Wind" simulating the scattering of papers after a sudden gust of wind, the hand-rendering of newspapers including the Turkish daily "Radikal" and the front page of the "Courier Journal", and a contribution to a walking museum called "Atlas" wherein Ozkaya constructed a rock to be strapped to the curator's back and promenaded daily throughout the streets of New York.

Ozkaya is the author and editor of ten books, including Double (Lars Muller Publishers, 2013), The Rise and Fall and Rise of David (21c Museum and Yapi Kredi, 2011), and Today Could Be a Day of Historical Importance (artwithoutwalls, 2010).

Public Appearances and Workshops[edit]

Over the course of the past decade, Ozkaya has given talks, taken part in panel discussions, and conducted workshops at numerous academic and artistic institutions, including: the Malmö Art Academy, Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, London University Goldsmiths College, Bilkent University, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, BeganeGrond (BAK), Charlottenborg Museum, the University of Gothenburg's Valand School of Fine Arts, The Drawing Center, Helsinki Art Academy, Brown University, Columbia University etc.


Solo shows[edit]

Serkan Ozkaya's solo shows include:

Serkan Ozkaya is the founder of SlideShow Galleries, a chain storefront-space in Copenhagen, Istanbul, and Hudson, NY between 1999–2000. In 2003 and 2004 Özkaya initiated The Real McCoy video festival with bdv (bureau des vidéos, Paris) in Istanbul, Perpignan, and Malmö. Between 2003–2006 Ozkaya produced his work Today Could Be a Day of Historical Importance in collaboration with five newspapers (Radikal in Turkey, Aftonbladet in Sweden, Freitag in Germany, the New York Times and the Courier Journal in the U.S.).

Group shows[edit]

Ozkaya’s participation in joint exhibitions include:

  • Certainty and Vision, Frankesche Stiftungen zu Halle, Saale, Germany (2013) (curated by Peter Lang and Moritz Gotze)
  • Carnal Knowledge: Sex + Philosophy, Leslie Tonkonow Gallery, New York (2012), (curated by Christopher Eamon and Beth Stryker)
  • Drawn From Photography, The Drawing Center, NYC (2011), (curated by Claire Gilman)
  • Kinetic, DD172, NYC (2010), (curated by Alaina Simone and Michele Thursz)
  • Ohne Hintersinn, Bilsar, Istanbul (2009), (curated by Benjamin Fellmann)
  • Ohne Hintersinn, Istanbul (2009), (curated by Benjamin Fellmann)
  • A Series of Coincidences Cabinet, New York (2009), (curated by Regine Basha)
  • PERFORMA07, New York (curated by Roselee Goldberg with Defne Ayas)
  • Steiler Konter, Bregenzer Kunstverein (curated by Peter Lang)
  • Pre Emptive, Kunsthalle Bern (curated by Philippe Pirotte)
  • Modern and Beyond, Santral Istanbul (curated by Fulya Erdemci)
  • 7th International Santiago de Chile New Media Biennial; 9th International Istanbul Biennial (curated by Charles Esche and Vasif Kortun)
  • Situated Self, City Museum Helsinki & Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art (curated by Mika Hannula and Branislav Dimitrijevic) *SHIFTscale – Extended Field of Contemporary Sculpture, Tallinn Museum of Modern Art (curated by Hanno Soans, Mika Hannula) *public.exe, Exit Art, New York (curated by Michele Thurz)
  • Side-Effects, Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art (curated by WHW)
  • Democracy is Fun, White Box, New York (curated by Michele Thurz and Defne Ayas)
  • Placebo Effect, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin (curated by Vasif Kortun)


Ozkaya is the author and editor of ten books, including:

  • Double (Lars Muller Publishers, 2013)
  • Genius and Creativity in the Arts: Schoenberg, Adorno and Thomas Mann (Pan Publications, Istanbul, Turkey 2000),
  • It’s Not What it Looks Like! I can Explain(Baglam Publications, Istanbul, Turkey 2003),
  • Have you ever done anything right? "Willoughby Sharp interviews Serkan Ozkaya" (Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany 2006),
  • Today Could Be a Day of Historical Importance (artwithoutwalls, U.S)

He is also the editor of Charles Esche’s Modest Proposals (Baglam Publications, Istanbul, Turkey 2005).

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