Serra de Monchique

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Monchique Range
Serra de Monchique
Serra de Monchique.JPG
View of the Serra de Monchique
Highest point
Peak Fóia
Elevation 902 m (2,959 ft)
Coordinates 37°19′N 8°36′W / 37.317°N 8.600°W / 37.317; -8.600
Length 32 km (20 mi) NE/SW
Width 7 km (4.3 mi) NW/SE
Serra de Monchique is located in Portugal
Serra de Monchique
Country Portugal
State/Province Algarve
Range coordinates 37°19′N 8°36′W / 37.32°N 8.6°W / 37.32; -8.6Coordinates: 37°19′N 8°36′W / 37.32°N 8.6°W / 37.32; -8.6
Orogeny Alpine
Period Late Cretaceous
Type of rock Syenite, slate

The Serra de Monchique (Monchique Range) is a chain of mountains in the western part of the Algarve region of Portugal, about 20 km inshore. The chain's highest point is the peak of Fóia, at 902 m. 774 m high Picota is another notable peak.


The Monchique Range is the southwesternmost mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula. It is covered in forest and parts of the range have been transformed into eucalyptus, pine and acacia plantations which are detrimental to the native forest cover.[1] The range is named after the town of Monchique, located in the area.[2] Caldas de Monchique is a well-known spa town with geothermal springs also located in this range.

Rivers Seixe, Aljezur and Odiáxere have their sources in this range.


Geologically the Monchique Range is part of the Late Cretaceous Iberian Alkaline Igneous Province and is related to the Mount Ormonde seamount in the Gorringe Bank.[3]

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