Service for Ladies

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Service for Ladies
Directed by Alexander Korda
Produced by Alexander Korda
Written by Ernest Vajda (novel)
Lajos Bíró
Eliot Crawshay-Williams
Starring Leslie Howard
Elizabeth Allan
Cinematography Philip Tannura
Release date(s) 14 January 1932 (UK)
June 20, 1932 (US)
Running time 65-73 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Service for Ladies (released as Reserved for Ladies in the U.S.) is a 1932 British comedy film, the second based on the novel The Head Waiter by Ernest Vajda. It was directed by Alexander Korda and starred Leslie Howard.

A previous 1927 silent film starred Adolphe Menjou is now lost.


Max Tracey is the head waiter at a London hotel. He falls in love at first sight with Sylvia Robertson, an aristocratic woman, and poses as a prince to win her love. In this venture, he is aided by Mr. Westlake, a Ruritanian monarch who owes him a favour. When Sylvia discovers Max's deception, she is appalled, but the situation is resolved when her father tells her that he was once a hotel dishwasher.


Merle Oberon had an uncredited role.


The film was voted the second best British film of 1932.[1]


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