Sesostris Bank

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Sesostris Bank is located in India
Sesostris Bank
Sesostris Bank
Location of Sesostris Bank in the Indian Ocean

Sesostris Bank is a submerged bank or sunken atoll belonging to the Amindivi Subgroup of islands of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India, at 13°08′N 72°00′E / 13.133°N 72.000°E / 13.133; 72.000. It is the second largest feature of Lakshadweep, after Bassas de Pedro, with a lagoon area of 388.53 km². It is also one of the northernmost features, after Cora Divh and Bassas de Pedro. Those coral banks, all submerged, form the north of Lakshadweep. Sesostris Bank is about 22 km in diameter.

There are no emergent cays or islands. Depths range from 20 to 77 metres. Depths in the neighbourhood of the bank reach 700 metres. This bank was named after steam frigate vessel HMS Sesostris of the Royal Navy.[1]


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