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Sessera a borgosesia.jpg
The Sessera near Borgosesia
Location within Po watershed
Origin Monte Bo eastern slopes (Punta del Manzo)
Mouth Sesia
Basin countries Italy: province of Biella and province of Vercelli
Length 35.461 km[1]
Source elevation around 2000 m
Mouth elevation 323[2]
Avg. discharge (mouth) 7.5 m3/s[3]
Basin area 189 [3]
Left tributaries torrente Dolca, riale del Cavallero, torrente Strona di Postua
Right tributaries torrente Ponzone

The Sessera (Piemontese: Séssera) is a 35.5 kilometres (22.1 mi) long torrent in the Piedmont region - NW Italy.


The ancient Babbiera stone bridge across the Sessera.

The Sessera starts in the Biellese Alps on the south-eastern slopes of Monte Bo. It initially flows from NW to SE and then encircles the Cima dell'Asnas and forms the artificial lake of Mischie, where it meets its first important tributary, the torrente Dolca (Dolca creek).

With several meanders the Sessera reaches Coggiola and the inhabited part of its valley. After having received two other relevant tributaries, the Ponzone in Pray from right and the Strona di Postua in Crevacuore from left, it enters into the Valsesia and flows into the river Sesia near Borgosesia.[2]


The river caused severe destruction in 1968 along the Sessera Valley.[4]

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