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Satellite image of Sestrunj

Sestrunj (Italian: Sestrugno) is an island in Croatian part of Adriatic Sea. It is situated in Zadar archipelago, between Ugljan, Rivanj and Dugi Otok. Its area is 15.1 square kilometres (5.8 square miles),[1] and it has population of 48 (as of 2011).[2] The only settlement is also called Sestrunj and is located in the island's interior.[3] The island is partially covered with maquis shrubland and low forests.[3] Reminds of Illyrian fort are situated at island.[4] The island's main industries are agriculture and fishing.[3]


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Coordinates: 44°09′01″N 14°59′58″E / 44.150281°N 14.999363°E / 44.150281; 14.999363