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Set Enterprises, Inc., is a game publishing company based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, USA. It produces dedicated-deck card games that have won several Mensa Select awards from American Mensa.[1]

The company is a family-owned and operated business with a global presence; its games are sold across America and in over 15 countries around the world. Set Enterprises is a leading developer of award winning family and educational games with five games currently on the market: SET, Quiddler, Five Crowns, Xactika and SET CUBED. Games from the company have received numerous awards from such organizations as MENSA, Games magazine, Parents magazine, Dr. Toy, Parents’ Choice, Teachers’ Choice and ASTRA.

Set Enterprises entered into license agreements to make some of its games available on platforms such as The New York Times online puzzle page, Facebook, electronic handheld game and iPhone.

Set Enterprises, Inc., was founded by Marsha and Robert Falco in 1990 and is now owned and operated by their daughter, Colette Falco. The company’s first game, SET, was developed by Marsha in 1974 while she was doing genetic research in Cambridge, England. Marsha was a population geneticist who was trying to understand whether epilepsy in German Shepherd dogs is inherited. To study the genes and chromosomes in the dogs’ cells, she created file cards with blocks of information for each dog. Because certain blocks of information were the same on each file card, she drew symbols to represent blocks of data, rather than writing out the data. She used symbols with different features (e.g., color, shading and number) to represent different gene combinations. While explaining the combinations on the cards to the veterinarians she was working with, she decided that there could be some fun in the cards and SET was born. Marsha spent years playing the game with family and friends before founding Set Enterprises and making SET available to the general public.


  • SET, a visual perception matching card game that involves multiple shapes
  • SET CUBED, a challenging board game where SETs are made by combining the dice in a player's hand with SETs already on the board
  • SET Electronic Handheld, an electronic handheld version of the award-winning classic game of SET
  • SET The Computer Game', a computer version of the award-winning classic game of SET
  • Quiddler, a rummy-based card game involving spelling
  • Xactika, a trick-taking card game involving cards that have four suits each
  • Five Crowns, a rummy-based card game involving five suits and wild cards
  • Trilogy, the visual challenge of SET that involves rummy and the action of war
  • Jurassic Jumble, a blind trading game that involves dinosaurs

Mobile Games[edit]

In 2005, Set Enterprises entered into a long-term licensing agreement with Mustang Mobile Games giving the latter the exclusive rights to develop mobile phone and PDA versions of Set Enterprises' games.[2]


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