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Seth Cardew plate
Wenford Bridge Pottery

Seth Cardew (born 1934 in Gloucestershire) is an English studio potter. He is the son of the influential potter Michael Cardew and the brother of the composer Cornelius Cardew.

He studied painting at Chelsea School of Art London and sculpture at Camberwell School of Art.

He then worked as a model maker at Pinewood, Elstree and Sheperton Studios from 1960 to 1970.[1]

After his father's death in 1983, Seth took over the running of Wenford Bridge Pottery in Cornwall and carried on the tradition of making tableware in stoneware and running pottery teaching courses. Seth's son, Ara Cardew, is also a potter. He worked at Wenford Bridge from 1981 until 1997 when he relocated to the USA.[2]

Seth relocated to Masia Albadas, Spain in 2005.

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