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Mantle clock from 1880, manufactured by the Seth Thomas Clock Company

The Seth Thomas Clock Company began producing clocks in 1813,[1] and was incorporated as the "Seth Thomas Clock Company" in 1853.[citation needed] Seth Thomas manufactured clock movements for the Self Winding Clock Company from 1886 thru the early 1890s.[2] The Self Winding Clock Company manufactured the 4 dial clock in Grand Central Terminal and it was installed on the information kiosk in the main concourse in 1913.[3] Seth Thomas Clock Company manufactured longcase clocks as well as mantel, wall, and table-top clocks during this period.

In 1968[4] General Time Corporation, consisting of the Westclox and Seth Thomas brands and the Westclox operation in Canada, was acquired from Talley Industries. Westclox Canada was the only company that came close to matching the production of Canada's leading Clock company, The Arthur Pequegnat Clock Company.

Seth Thomas Clock Company was later owned by the Colibri Group. The company ceased operations on January 16, 2009 and went into receivership, but returned to business as of May 4, 2009 under the ownership of CST Enterprises in Cranston, Rhode Island. No manufacturing is underway, however an entire line of Seth Thomas Clocks is now available made by another clock builder for CST under the Seth Thomas brand.



A Seth Thomas Wallclock tells the hour in the movie High Noon. This can be verified on close inspection of the movie.

In the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Track of the Moon Beast" in which the characters watch a movie of the same name, a Seth Thomas clock is zoomed in on.

In the episode "Judgement Night" of The Twilight Zone a Seth Thomas clock is easily visible on the ship.

A Seth Thomas clock is seen in The Bedford Incident (1965 movie).

Chapter 36 of John Steinbeck's East of Eden (novel) mentions Seth Thomas clocks as fixtures of every room in the Salinas schoolhouse that Aron and Cal Trask attend.


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