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Seth Tobias (April 8, 1963 – September 4, 2007) was an American hedge fund manager and financial commentator who made frequent appearances on the CNBC television programs Squawk Box and Kudlow & Company. He graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in Finance.

He was the president of Circle T Partners, a company he founded in 1996 after working for five years as portfolio manager and equity trader at JRO Associates.[1]

Tobias' career began by processing trades for a then-unknown portfolio manager named Jim Cramer, who later went on to host "Mad Money." Tobias impressed Cramer, but the job didn’t last long.[2]


Early on September 4, 2007, Tobias' wife called 911 because he was face down in the swimming pool of his Florida home apparently no longer breathing.[3] Some of the controversy surrounding his death was reported in The New York Times in an article on December 4, 2007.;[4] the civil legal claims associated with his death were settled on June 19, 2008.[5] His wife has drawn the ire of her husband's four brothers.