The Settlers in Canada

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The Settlers in Canada
The Settlers in Canada - 1910 book cover.jpg
Author Frederick Marryat
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publication date

The Settlers in Canada is a children's novel written by Frederick Marryat. It was published in 1844 and was his twenty-first book.[1] It is set in the wilderness of Upper Canada in the 1790s.[2] Marryat had visited Canada in 1837.[3]

Plot summary[edit]

The story is centered around a reasonably well off family (the Campbells) who lose their estate and decide to emigrate to Canada. It begins after they have inherited the family estates, and have settled down there. Their eldest son has gone to college and the second son is in the navy. One day a claimant to the estate appears. His claim proves to be true and the Campbells must give up the estate.

Mr. Campbell had given up his business to take over the estate and with the legal costs as well they have very little money left. They just have enough to journey to Canada, and take up a settlement near Lake Ontario. The family is united in their troubles and they pull together to make their farm a success, in the process, dealing with the weather, hostile Indians and forest fires.

Eventually a letter arrives to say that the relative who had taken the estate, has died, and it is now theirs once again. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell travel home and the rest of the family go their separate ways.[4]


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