Seuthes I

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Seuthes I (/ˈsˌθz/; Ancient Greek: Σεύθης, Seuthēs) was king of the Odrysian Thracians from 424 BC until 410 BC. He was the nephew of Sitalces. He is infamous for the fact that he was bribed by Perdiccas II of Macedon, which directly lead to the end of Sitalces' campaign in Macedon. After he became king, Seuthes doubled the tribute of the Greek cities on the coast. In 411 BC Seuthes led a campaign against Athens, which was not very successful. Seuthes died in 410 BC after a serious illness. Amadocus succeeded him as ruler of the Odrysian kingdom.

Seuthes I
Born: Unknown Died: 410 BC
Preceded by
King of Thrace
424–410 BC
Succeeded by
Amadocus I