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Sevada Abelian.

Abelian Sevada, (born, 5 June 1992) is a Belgian professional football player, born in Armenia. He currently has a professional contract with Royal Antwerp F.C.[1]

He plays as a right fullback. He started his career in Zaventem and got selected for several talent competitions where he proved himself. He played as a 19 year old teenager in the Emirates Stadium against Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain and A.C. Milan. He got noticed by several clubs, playing in London. Clubs in the USA, Belgium, Armenia and Denmark wanted to buy him. He also got offered a scholarship in Texas worth over more than $50,000.

The youngster would earn around $85,000 but would like to continue his studies. A loan for the upcoming three years is probably the next highlight until he finishes his studies.


Abelian started playing for KV Woluwe-Zaventem as a kid. He studied Economics in combination with his football and graduated in 2011. After graduation he played for a 4th division club, combining with his higher educations in Real Estate. Very soon he got selected for a talent competition in London, where he demonstrated his skills in front of legends as Gianfranco Zola, Robert Pires, Daniele Massaro and Jean-Pierre Papin. He received offers from a lot of clubs from Europe and USA, but he decided together with his manager to stay in Belgium. Abelian was mentioned several times in local newspapers, scoring goals from distance. He also practiced Judo for more than 10 years, getting several titles and gold medals in National Competitions.

Competition Season Club
Belgian Third Division 2008-2009 KV Woluwe-Zaventem
Belgian Promotion 2009-2012 KOVC Sterrebeek
Belgian Second Division 2012-2013 Royal Antwerp F.C.


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