Seven (Night Ranger album)

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Studio album by Night Ranger
Released July 14, 1998
Genre Hard rock
Label CMC
Producer Noel Golden
Night Ranger chronology
Hole in the Sun

Seven is the eighth studio album by Night Ranger, released on July 14, 1998. All original members are present on this follow-up to 1997's Neverland.

Tommy Shaw of Styx fame co-wrote the track "Kong" with Jack Blades.

Two singles were released. "Sign Of The Times" being the first and "Kong" being the second.

It is rumored that Jeff Watson participated very little in the writing and recording of this album due to a water skiing accident.

The album was released in Japan with two additional tracks "Crazy World" and "Let Him Run." The record company (CMC records) decided to leave "Crazy World" off of the American release. The reason for this is not completely known, but it has been suggested that there were too many ballads already on the album. "Let Him Run" was originally released on 1983's Midnight Madness. The track featured on the Seven album is a new acoustic recording of the song.

Though the album is named Seven to represent the number of Night Ranger studio albums recorded, this was actually the eighth studio album by the band. 1995's Feeding off the Mojo is the album not recognized, because only Keagy and Gillis from the original line-up were present on that album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sign Of The Times" (Blades) - 5:07
  2. "Jane's Interlude" (Blades/Keagy) - 0:26
  3. "Panic In Jane" (Blades/Keagy) - 4:40
  4. "Don't Ask Me Why" (Blades) - 4:41
  5. "Kong" (Hudson/Blades/Shaw) - 5:32
  6. "Mother Mayhem" (Blades/MacDonald) - 4:56
  7. "Soul Survivor" (Gillis/Blades) - 3:52
  8. "Sea Of Love" (Blades/Keagy) - 4:33
  9. "Peace Sign" (Blades/Gillis) - 4:07
  10. "When I Call On You" (Blades) - 4:02
  11. "Revelation" (Gillis/Keagy/Blades) - 4:31