Seven Antonopoulos

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Seven Antonopoulos
Birth name Chris Antonopoulos
Born (1974-05-25) May 25, 1974 (age 40)
Genres Metal
Gothic metal
Post grunge
Alternative metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments drums & percussion
Labels Napalm Records
Nuclear Blast
Century Media
American VooDoo
SBK Records
Associated acts Opiate for the Masses
Lone Star Trio
Hellafied Funk Crew
Vanilla Ice
Leaves' Eyes

Chris Antonopoulos[1] (born on 25 May 1974 in Dallas, Texas[2]) is Greek-American rock drummer, most notably for his tenure in Opiate for the Masses.[3]


Antonopoulos joined the Phoenix/Los Angeles hard rock band Opiate for the Masses as a drummer in 2004.[4] Before this time he was a drummer for Vanilla Ice for three years.[5] In 2006, he toured with the Revolting Cocks.[6] On 21 August 2008, he played with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal's (Guns N Roses) All Star Band at Rock Against Diabetes.[7] On 3 November 2008, he left Opiate for the Masses and joined the German bands Atrocity and Leaves' Eyes.[8] After his resigns on 27 March 2010 with Atrocity.[9]

Seven describes his approach to the drums as "the idea of putting on a show as well as having fun and playing.[10]


Drums-PDP and DW (PDP is actually owned by Drum Workshop)

  • 18x24 bass drum (2x)
  • 12x14 floor tom used between bass drums in place of rack tom
  • 16x18 floor tom
  • 18x20 bass drum on floor tom legs used as floor tom
  • 14x16 floor tom (on left side)
  • 7x14 DW cast steel snare
  • 6x12 DW Edge snare

Cymbals-Sabian (from left to right)

  • 20" APX Solid Crash
  • 20" AA Metal-X Chinese
  • 14" AAX X-Celerator Hi-Hats
  • 20" AA Metal-X Crash
  • 20" AAX Metal Crash
  • 24" (custom) HH Power Bell Ride
  • 20" AA Rock Crash
  • 20" HH Chinese
  • 20" Paragon Crash
  • 12" Chopper
  • 20" AA Rock Crash
  • 9" Alu Bell (mounted on top of 2nd AA rock crash)


  • Snare: Hi-Energy (Batter); Classic Clear Snare Side (Reso)
  • All Toms: Clear Performance II (Batter); Classic Clear Video Gloss Black (Reso)
  • Bass: Superkick II (Batter); Regulator Small Hole (Reso)

Drumsticks-Vic Firth

  • Vic Firth American Classic rock w/ wood tips

Member Of[edit]


with Lone Star Trio[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

  • 21 Songs (1993)
  • Four Play (1995)

with Hellafied Funk Crew[edit]

  • 1998 "Hellafied Funk Crew"

with V-Ice[edit]

Studio albums[edit]

with Opiate for the Masses[edit]

Studio albums[edit]


with Leaves' Eyes[edit]


Live Session Member Of[edit]

Personal life[edit]

Antonopoulos became fast friends with Ministry’s Al Jourgensen and is married to Anna Kjellberg who also played in his former band Opiate for the Masses.[11]